2021 is Soleil Ray's second year in holistic skincare.

Our founder, loved the idea of facial. It's self-care, relaxing and beneficial to maintain the youthfulness of the skin. What's not to like?

She was disappointed, however, with the appointment process, the monthly commitment of the facial and the fact she had to drive out to go to the facial centre.

She thought to herself, "I wish I can do facial massage everyday at home, without the need to go out and to make an appointment every single time".

And Aha! That moment she decided to introduce self care from home. 

Later she studies numerous massage tools and discover the beauty of gua sha and facial rollers. Dated back during the ancient Chinese era, these form of massage are proven to boost blood circulation, firm and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and line. In addition, these form of massage help to improve the overall wellness of the body.

That's when she decided to share the love of Gua Sha and other holistic beauty to the world, which marks the beginning of Soleil Ray.